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    The University is revising the way it conducts the student mentor scheme. Under the new arrangement, you will be assigned an Academic Mentor who will remain your Mentor for the whole time you study in any particular programme at APU. The role of your Academic Mentor is as follows:

    • Your Mentor will guide, assist and motivate you in your academic and professional development.
    • Your Academic Mentor will provide you with general academic support and advice and refer you to student support services and operational support services if needed.
    • S/he will contact you if you are not making satisfactory progress in your studies or if your attendance is poor, and will link you to other academic staff, including the Programme Leader and Head of School if appropriate.
    • Your Academic Mentor will also be your Internship Supervisor.
    • Your Academic Mentor will provide you with advice as you plan for professional employment.

    You are expected to see your Mentor at least once per semester. 

    To assist you to make contact with your Academic Mentor, the Lecturer Consultation Hours system has been revised to allow you to specify that you are requesting a meeting with your Academic Mentor.  

    Please make regular contact with your Mentor. S/he will assist you greatly, especially in your first year as you adapt to university life, and in your final year, as you prepare for professional life.

    Please refer to section "A-E" if your name starts with alphabet A, B, C, D or E. Same goes for the rest.

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